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Hollyview Sound re-opens with a fully renovated studio designed by Vincent Van Haaff and a new SSL console!

Hollyview Sound is located in the Hollywood Hills close to downtown Hollywood. The mix room sounds amazing and translates to the outside world excellently. The drum and vocal rooms also sound great, boasting spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills. Artists and mixers can step outside to relax with the trees and nature.

Hollyview Sound features ProTools HD wired into an SSL AWS900 with 16 external SSL dynamics modules. The studio has a full rack of vintage Neve modules and compressor units. Of course Hollyview has all the other necessary gear to record just about anything. A bonus when working at Hollyview is the nice collection of vintage guitars, amps and other vintage gear making the recording process easy and fun. The studio recently acquired a set of custom drums from the Drum Doctors, some of the finest drums available.

Douglas Gorlin, the owner of Hollyview Sound, is committed to making every experience at Hollyview as fun and fast as possible while maintaining the highest possible fidelity available with today’s technology. Douglas has a vast network of local professional players to assist with the recording of songs and demos.

Hollyview Sound was built on the premise that recording and mixing should be easy as well as fun. Built in a natural setting, the studio has a very warm feeling to work in. Inspiration is everything during the recording process, and Hollyview Sound is all about that inspiration.

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